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 Get to Hangzhou by Train 

3 Railway Stations in Hangzhou,they are:

Hangzhou Railway Station

Hangzhou East Railway Station

Hangzhou New Railway Station (under construction)

Hangzhou Railway station 

Cheng Zhan Square, 1 Huancheng Dong Lu
Tel No. : 0571-87622362
Booking Hotline: 9500117788, 87829987

About 3.5 km from the west lake.
You can take bus No. Y2 (3 rmb) or K7 (2 rmb) directly to West Lake.
You can also take Bus No. 95 and No 151 YanAn Nan Road, which is about 5-minute walk away from the south-line of West Lake.
Or, you can take a taxi which costs about 15 rmb.

Hangzhou East Railway Station 

Address: Tiancheng Lu, Jianggan District, Hangzhou
Inquiry hotline: 0571-86450514
Passengers can dial the number 11185 for advice.

You can take Bus No.28 (ticket cost 2 rmb) to Qu Yuan Feng He bus stop with Yang Gong Causeway nearby. You can also take Bus No. Y7 to Qing Bo Men, or K105 to Hu Bin. It will cost about 40 minutes.
You can also take a taxi which costs about 25 rmb.

You can also buy tickets at the following destinations:

Hangzhou New Railway Station, 30 windows, tickets 7 days in advance available
147 Huan Sha Road, Tel No: 87067057
199 Wulin Road, Tel No: 85163994
155 Tiyuchang Road, 5 days tickets available, Tel No: 85192008
58 Desheng Road
347 Jianguo Zhong Road
198 Xintang Road
71 Baocu Road
122 Xueyuan Road
146 South Road, City Center, Xiaoshan District
13 Qiushan Road, Linping, Yuhang District
74 City Center, Fuyang

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How to take a train in Hangzhou? 

Go to the railway station --> Buy train tickets --> Wait in the waiting-room-->Take the train

 - Go to the railway station:

                                                                                                                                                       --  Buy train tickets: 














- Wait in the waiting-room:

- Take the train:












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