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Happiest City of China
In April 2007, a weekly magazine of Xinhua News Agency “Liaowang Dongfang” launched a nationwide election of the happiest cities in mainland China, prepared a detailed survey covering all aspects like life pace, human kindness, money-making opportunities, living convenience, beauty of architectures, natural environment, cultural entertainment, public security, development in recent years etc. Total 2.76 millions of valid surveys were collected and the website was visited by a 30 million audience. At last, Hangzhou was elected the happiest city by Chinese. The awarding comments goes like this: Hangzhou the Paradise, is a sincere compliment to this beautiful city. The elegance of hills and water, the combination of classical and contemporary beauty, together make Hangzhou a quality city that conveys the touching happiness every day.

"Entering the city, I will be embraced by sincerity, friendliness, and beauty. People of all ages care for each other and help each other. They care for the tiny piece of grass in this city. They care for its environment as they care for their own home…” A famed actress remarked. We hope you would feel the same way when you travel in Hangzhou. In other chapters, we introduced the best attractions around the West Lake, here we’d show some recreation places to give you more choices in Hangzhou.