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Hangzhou One-Day Private Tours
NO.1 - West Lake Sightseeing Tour (Springtime)
hangzhou west lake Highlights- The spring is the best time to view the landscape of the West Lake. In the morning, the guide meet you at the lobby of the hotel, and then move to the West Lake Scenic Area. We starts from The Broken Bridge, a classic site to see the peach trees and willows. The cultural attractions are also included in the visits like Sun Yat-sen Park, Zhejiang Museum, Xiling Seal Art Society and the Solitary Hill. Lunch will be arranged in Louwailou. In the afternoon, move to the symbolic scenery in spring -Su Causeway in Early Spring (including Su Dongpo Memorial Hall), which is the must-visit site in spring, a walking or cycling is the best way to view the springtime West Lake. After that, return to your hotel

Travel Duration: 7 hours ( 09:00-16:00 )
Lunch Arranged: Louwailou Restaurant
Companion: Guide and Driver
NO.2 - Baoshi Hill Climbing Experience (Springtime)
baoshi hill Highlights- Springtime is also the best time to climb the hills around the West Lake. After breakfast, the guide will meet you at the hotel and move to the Beishan Road. We climb up to the top of the Baoshi Hill to have a close look at the slender Baochu Pagoda, which is one of three pagodas in the West Lake Scenic Area. If you want to have a rest indoor, there is a famous bookstore named Chunzhen Niandai. Then go along an old route to another famous cultural site - Baopu Taoist Temple, the only taoist cultural heritage in Hangzhou. After that, go to the top of the Geling Hill to view the grand view of the West Lake and the city of Hangzhou. This is another historic site named Geling Chaodun, which is known as the best site to view the sunrise of the West Lake. Then, back to the hotel.

Travel Duration: 5 hours ( 09:00-14:00 )
Lunch Arranged: A special dish in Baopu Taoist Temple
Companion: Guide
NO.3 - Longjing Tea & Buddhism Trip (Springtime)
tea in hangzhou Highlights- After breakfast in hotel, your guide will meet you at the lobby, and then move to the Lingyin Temple, the most famous buddhist monastery in Hangzhou, and a typical Zen meditation destination, to learn about the great histroy and this time-honored temple as well as the culture of Buddhism, except to viewing the splendid buddha statues on the cliff. After that, go to the Longjing Tea Plantation, which is the most famous tea production center of Longjing Green Tea in the world. Have a look at the green world and snap a cup of tea, and enjoy your lunch at the local farmer' house, and an authentic local dishes will be offered. In the afternoon, go to Six Harmonies Pagoda, one of three pagodas in Hangzhou, is compared to be the grand general. It is a better site to view the grand sight of the Qiantang River and the panoramic view of Binjiang District. At last, we go to the Leifeng Pagoda to view the classic scene - Evening Sunglow at Leifeng Pagoda.

Travel Duration: 8 hours ( 09:00-17:00 )
Lunch Arranged: A tea farmer's house
Companion: Guide and Driver

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NO.1 - West Lake Cruise & In-depth Trip (Summertime)
hangzhou summer Highlights- The summer is the best time to have a cruise trip in the West Lake. The guide will meet you at the hotel, and then go to the Hubin Zone to board the cruise. The landscapes of the West Lake will be available. Roughly, after one-hour trip, we go on to the West Lake Museum to learn something important about the history and culture of the West Lake. Musical Fountain is a new site to enjoy a water art as the music plays. The Qianwang Memorial Temple is a must-see historic site to learn the history of the West Lake in the reign of the Wuyue Kingdom. The lunch is arranged in the Chaptel Hotel, and a special French banquet well be served. In the afternoon, we go to the Solitary Hill to visit the Zhejiang Art Gallery, Pinghu Qiuyue Site, Provincial Museum of Zhejiang Province, Zhongshan Park, the Xiling Seal Art Society and the Seal Museum of China. After that go along the Xiling Bridge to view the Yue Fei Memorial Temple. Finally enjoy your time at the park of Quyuan Fenghe, which is the best place to enjoy the summertime beauty of the West Lake. The Botanical Garden of Hangzhou is an option for you.

Travel Duration: 8 hours ( 09:00-17:00 )
Lunch Arranged: A French banquet in Chaptel Hotel
Companion: Guide and Driver
NO.2 - Qiandao Lake Cruise Tour (Summertime)
qiandao lake Highlights- In the morning, after your breakfast at hotel, drive to the Qiandao Lake at 8:00 or so. The whole tranportation needs 2.5 hours. Arriving in Qiandaol Lakem, view the Five Dragons Island, the center part of the Qiandao Lake on a tour ship. The World of Locks, Zhuangyuan Bridge, The Island of Odd stones will be the highlights during the cruise trip. Go to the Plum Hill Scenery Area: Hike to the top of the hill and view the islands in distance. The lunch will be taken is a local restaurant to taste some delicious local food like the spicy fishes. In the afternoon, take a free activity to buy something interesting, and then go back to Hangzhou by bus.

Travel Duration: 9 hours ( 08:00-17:00 )
Lunch Arranged: A local restaurant
Companion: Guide and Driver
NO.3 - Enjoy Impression West Lake (Summertime)
impression west lake Highlights- Impression West Lake is a must-see outdoor performance at summer night. After your dinner, the guide will meet you and then transfer to the Venue, the opposite site to the Yue Fei Temple. The show is directed by Zhao Yimou, who is the general director of the opening ceremony in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The whole theme is the love stories and the history of the West Lake. It takes the authentic landscapes as the background. The whole performance lasts approximately one hour.

Travel Duration: 1 hour ( 19:45-20:45 )
Dinner Arranged: No arrangement
Companion: Guide

The summertime Hangzhou day private tours listed above

NO.1 - Prince Bay Park & Kunqu Opera (Autumntime)
autumntime west lake Highlights- The guide will lead you to the Prince Bay Park, which is the most famous flower exhibition center for the public, and in autumn, there are lots of flowers. Prince Bay Park is a romantic place for taking wedding photos, and some big music events. After that, we move to Yuletang, Hefang Street, to enjoy a classical show of Kunqu Opera, which is named Peony Pavilion. Yuletang is a nice place to taste the delicacies and a new cultural place. And then, take a free walk along the Wuliuxiang Historical Street, a folk culture exhibition place, and the highlight is the street of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Travel Duration: 4 hours ( 13:00-17:00 )
Lunch Arranged: no arrangement
Companion: Guide and Driver
NO.2 - Grand Canal & Hefang Block Trip (Autumntime)
hefang street Highlights- In the morning, our guide meet you at the hotel, and then move to The Grand Canal Museum at The Grand Canal Square, to visit the site of the Gongchen Bridge as well as the related historical block, which is highlighted with the museums such as the umbrella, knife, sword and fans.Lunch will be taken over there.

After lunch, let us start our trip in Hangzhou. We move to Wushan Scenic Zone. What we will visit include Wushan Scenic Area and Chenghuang Pavilion. Wushan Scenic Area is a highlighted tourist destination. Nearly all the tourist attractions here are the cultural sites under the protection. Chenghuang Pavilion is the best classic building on the top of Wushan Hill to overlook the grand view of West Lake. Then, we head to The Former Residence of Hu Xuyan, one of the best classical family gardens in China. And then, we move on to Hefang Old Street, the most famous antique block of Hangzhou with a live playback of ancient city life of Hangzhou in the Southern Song dynasty. The Southern Song Imperial Thoroughfare, one of the main avenues, formerly was an exclusively sacred road for emperors to hold some national ceremonies or big events. After that, we move to Hu Qingyutang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum, another business and cultural heritage site that Hu Xueyan left us. This is a quite famous site to learn much about the culture and knowledge of Chinese traditional medicine such as the benefits of herbs and the philosophy of TCM. For dinner, we arrange a special herbal cuisine in Huqingyutang, which is quite popular, and benefits the health very much.

At night, we recommend you have a free walk around Nanshan Road, which is a famous as a bar street. As a popular leisure center in Hanghzou, it is an unmatched destination to enjoy your nightlife.

Travel Duration: 11 hours ( 09:00-20:00 )
Lunch Arranged: Xiaoshaoxing
Companion: Guide and Driver
NO.3 - Museums & Yuhuang Hill Trip (Autumntime)
hangzhou hill climbing Highlights- Today’s morning, we along the Nanshan Road, the most famous nightlife center of Hangzhou, move to the National Silk Museum to learn about the history and culture of silk, as well as the stories concerned. And then, we enter Yuhang Hill and begin our climbing activity. The whole mountainous path is quite tranquil and only available for walkers, up to the hillside; there is a big cave, and a big platform with a teahouse. The travelers over there can have a bird’s- eye view to the Eight Diagrams Farmland. The top of the hill is the Fuxingguan Taoist Temple, a rebuilt ancient building complex surrounded by the bamboo forest. Enjoy a special lunch in Fuxingguan, and then go down to the Southern Song Guan Kiln Museum, a quite valued historical center to view the ancient glory of Southern Song Dynasty and the culture of the porcelains. Finally, go back to your hotel.

Travel Duration: 6 hours ( 09:00-15:00 )
Lunch Arranged: Fuxingguan Taoist Temple
Companion: Guide and Driver

The autumntime Hangzhou day private tour listed above

NO.1 - Hangzhou Cityscape Day Tour (Wintertime)
duanqiao canxue Highlights- Pick up at 08:30AM from your hotel. Your first stop will be a visit at Hu Xueyan’s former residence. We call Hu xueyan as a red top trader since Qing Dynasty. At his residence, you are going to explore the famous Chinese trader’s legendary life and his contribution and influence in China's history. The Drum Tower is your next stop. It is called as “Squashing Sea Tower” previously and near Qing He Fang Old Street that was once a center of commerce during the Southern Song dynasty. Today the Street has been restored to its former glory and is full of art hawkers, candy sculptors, pillow shops, caricaturists, old-fashioned movie players, storytellers, bonsai shops, teahouses, an array of small eateries, and a really great snack street. Taste local cuisines for lunch at a restaurant at about 12:30PM. In the afternoon, you will take a gander at HuQingYuTang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum at the Qing He Fang Old Street. Traditional Chinese medicine uses Taoist philosophy to a large extent. It also relies heavily on the theory of yin-yang, five elements, human body meridian system, Zang Fu organ theory amongst others. To know and understand it all better, do visit the Museum. Then, City God Pavilion is going to greet you, which is built on the top of Wu Hill. It is a seven-storey archaized architecture with cornices and it has become one of the representative sights of Hangzhou. Climbing up the God’s Pavilion and overlooking the city, you get a panoramic view of the entire city. Finally, you will have a visit to Meijiawu Tea Village, for a traditional tea ceremony. Here you will see how tea is made and the influence in the Chinese culture.

Travel Duration: 8 hours ( 09:00-17:00 )
Lunch Arranged: Huangfaner Restaurant
Companion: Guide and Driver
NO.2 - Longmen Ancient Town Trip (Wintertime)
hangzhou west lake Highlights- This morning, you will be picked up at your hotel in Hangzhou and arrive at Longmen Ancient Town in Fuyang after around 50 minutes’ drive. Longmen Ancient Town has 2,600 households and descendants of the imperial Sun Family are said to have been residing here for over 65 generations. At South of Changjiang River, the town showcases one of the most perfect examples of Qing or Ming Dynasty architecture with little more than 30 intact ancient buildings. Except these, you will pay a visit to Mr. Sun Temple, Yi Gate, Shanle Hall, Hundred lions Hall and Mingzhe Hall etc. Taste Chinese lunch at local restaurant at about 12:30PM. In the afternoon, you will take a gander at Chinese ancient Paper Making and Printing Cultural Village. Here you can see how paper has been done for over a thousand years as you follow the step-by-step process from screening the bamboo pulp to stringing up the books and packaging them for shipping. You can even make a little paper and do a little woodblock printing yourself.

Travel Duration: 9 hours ( 08:30-17:30 )
Lunch Arranged: A local restaurant
Companion: Guide and Driver
NO.3 - Culinary and Healthcare Study (Wintertime)
hangzhou cuisine culture Highlights- In the morning, after your breakfast, you will be moved to Hangzhou Cuisine Museum, a unique cultural museum displaying the history, stories, culture and the categories of the food of Hangzhou. Two floors in total. The guide will introduce the typical food one by one, as well as the stories behine them such as the stories of Dongpo Pork, and the stories of Yuan Mei, the culinary master in history. The lunch will be enjoyed in the museum. In the afternoon, we move to Huqingyutang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum, a famous TCM culture and history center of China. You will learn the basic knowledge about the mysterious treatments in China. After that, return to the hotel.

Travel Duration: 6 hours ( 09:00-15:00 )
Lunch Arranged: Hangzhou Cuisine Museum
Companion: Guide and Driver
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