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 Travel in Hangzhou by car 
How to go from Shanghai to Hangzhou by car?

About 190 Km between the two cities, generally speaking it will cost about 2 hours by car.

Hu-Hang (Shanghai–Hangzhou) Super Highway--> Hang-Yong (Hangzhou-Ningbo) Superhighway --> Arrive in Hangzhou

There are only two toll gates between the 2 cities:

Dayun Toll Gate and Fengjing Toll Gate:
Go from Hangzhou to Shanghai, about 110 RMB in total is required for the road toll.
Go from Shanghai to Hangzhou, about 80 RMB in total is required for the road toll.

Parking Lots around West Lake Scenic Area:

There are 59 Parking Lots in the West Lake Scenic Area, with 2653 parking spaces for car, just to name a few:

Lingyin Primary School 
Lingyin Da’an    Address :38 Lingzhu Road 
Linggyin Jiulisong     Address :16 Baile Bridge
Hangzhou Huapu (Flower Harbor Park)     Address: 14 Yanggong Causeway 
Calm Lake and Autumn     Address: 1 Gushan Road 
Xiling Bridge     Address: Gushan Road 
Puti Jing She     Address : 45-47 Beishan Road 
Meijiawu Tea Culture Village     Address : 173 Meijiawu Tea Culture Village
Dujingsheng Former Residence     Address : 176 Dagon Well Road 
Shengtang Scenic Area     Address : shengtang Scenic Area
Liulang Park (Willow Park)     Address : Nanshan Road
Wansong Academy     Address : Wansongling Road 
Jade Emperor Hill     Address : Jade Emperor Hill Road 
12 Long Bridge Lotus Peak 
Leifeng Pogoda     Address : 18 Nanshan Road
Taizi Wan Park
Hua Gang (Flower Harbor Park)     Address : 8 Yanggong Causeway 
Xiaoyawu Address : Meijiawu
Rome Square Address : Nanshan Road
No.6 Park Address : 1 Hubin Road
Yuhu Wan     Address : Santai Hill Road 
The Youth Park     Address : 15 Hupao Road 
Yun Qi     Address : South Meiling Road 
Jiuxi (Nine-creek) Scenic Area     Address : Jiuxi Park
Tea Museum     Address : Longjing Road 
Lou Wai Lou     Address : 30 Gushan Road
Six-harmony Pogoda     Address : Zhijiang Road
The Zoo     Address : Hupao Road 
Zhongshan Park     Address : Gushan Road
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