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About Us - HangzhouTravel.ORG
HangzhouTravel.ORG is an information-based portal focusing on the travel resources, travel news, hot tourist attractions, world heritage sites and the intangible heritage inclusive of the legends, operas, festivals, customs and so on. It is an important branch and extension of, a famous inbound travel platform in China. Apart from the free information service, HangzhouTravel has another highlight – the professional tour operator of the private day tour in Hangzhou ranging from 1 hour to 8 hours.

Fundamentally, HangzhouTravel.ORG is a free travel information and tour recommendation website. It is developed to be the No.1 private day tour provider in Hangzhou. Welcome to HangzhouTravel.ORG !

The office building of HangzhouTravel.ORG, a branch of