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Attractions in Hangzhou
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 Yu Lou 
Yu Lou is located in the south side of Solitary Hill, beside the Xiling Seal-Engraver Society. It was the former residence of Yu Yue (1821-1907), who was a master of sinology in late Qing Dynasty, contributed a lot to the sinology academia. Yu Lou possesses such a perfect scenic location and cultural connotation, that it is called the No. 1 building at the West Lake. Yu Lou is a Chinese style building, 2 storey, has pavilion, rockery, trees and flowers in the court.

During the century, Yu Lou was eroded by the nature many times. The municipal government rebuilt it, resume its former appearance. Now the whole area is 350 square meters, added some subsidiary architecture, like porch, torii, pavilion, etc. Nowadays, Yu Lou displays some historic materials about Yu Yue, and holds literature activities occasionally.

Address: on the Solitary Hill
Yu Yue  Yu Yue's handwriting
Yu Lou
Yu Lou
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