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 Qiushui Villa 
Shi Liangcai (1878-1934), a famous patriotic bourgeois, was the chief editor of Shanghai “Shibao” in late Qing Dynasty, and in 1913, began in charge of “Shenbao”, which was the eldest newspaper in China. In his short life, Shi tried to improve this newspaper as the democracy base in China. He founded women's school to help develop the whole situation of women’s education and life. Because of his clear political standpoints on resisting Japanese invaders and opposing civil war, he was assassinated by Kuomingtang’s secret agent in 1934.

Qiushui villa was established by Shi Liangcai for his wife Shen Qiushui in 1930s, and named it after her. She was once a hetaera of a Manchu royal member before met Shi, good at playing music instruments and singing. This villa witnessed their romantic and tragic story. Qiushui watched his husband’s death when he was assassinated, in the funeral she played the last piece of music by her husband’s favorite lyre, and then burned it, because no one alive could understand her love and music. At last, Qiushui donated her villa to women & children’s hospital, spent the rest of her life alone. Qiushui villa became nation-owned after liberation, and now it’s a part of Xinxin Hotel.
Address: 58 Beishan Road (north side of the West Lake)
qiushui villa
qiushui villa
 Chinese painting about Qiushui villa  Chinese painting about Qiushui Villa
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