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Shopping in Hangzhou
From of old, Yangtze River Delta area is a rich land. With quick development in the decades, Zhejiang Province has accumulated many wealth, the average yearly income is always ranked top 3 in China. Hangzhou as the provincial capital of Zhejiang, has become a shopping paradise for people from the whole province, developed a mature and completed market, with various shopping venues, from wholesale centers to upscale departments.

The city offers a superb collection of local crafts, rare arts and other souvenirs, like paper fan, chopsticks and white chrysanthemum tea, cheap but valuable. Most of the souvenirs can be bought on the historical Hefang Street. For world-famous Hangzhou silk, an old brand named Du Jingsheng Silk would give you high quality and reasonable price, or a great outdoor silk market called the China Silk City would bring you the joy of bargaining.
If you are looking for something indoors and without the stress of bargaining, explore stores like the Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center or the shops along Jiefang Road or Yan'an Road. On Hubin Road beside the West Lake, there are many big international brands for you to choose, when you get tired of shopping, you can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee in a coffee house just on the West Lake.