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Hangzhou Cuisine
Zhejiang cuisine is one of the Eight Great Cuisines of China, including Hangzhou flavor, Ningbo flavor and Shaoxing flavor. Hangzhou cuisine is the representative of Zhejiang cuisine. It emphasizes fresh, sweet flavors and makes good use of freshwater fish, especially eel and carp; frequently involves cooked meats and vegetables in combination. A delicately seasoned, light-tasting mix of seafood and vegetables often served in soup. The common materials used in the dishes are fish, shrimp, ham, bamboo shoot, lotus root, tea leaves, snow vegetable, the skin of soybean milk, etc.

Hangzhou is an ancient capital of China with many historic stories. You can find that many snacks are related to some person or thing in old times, like Congbaohui to memorize the nation hero General Yue Fei. Many materials are from the West Lake, like vinegar fish, lotus root powder, very natural and healthy. Apart from some restaurants that have a lot of prestige, like Louwailou and Zhangshengji, there are many other special restaurants, such as Zhiweiguan and some vegetarian restaurants.