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 Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine 
Hangzhou Hospital of TCM was founded in May 1952 and is one of the very first hospitals set up after the foundation of new China. Through more than 50 years of development, it has become a comprehensive Chinese hospital, providing medical treatment, rehabilitation, health care, scientific research and education. It is also a designated hospital for foreign patients, running TCM courses for overseas students, a key hospital for foreign visitors, a designated hospital for patients from foreign-investment enterprises and compatriots from Taiwan, and one of 100 international visiting sites for international tourism in Hangzhou.

TCM PharmacyIt covers an area of 0.15 hectare and has beautiful indoor surroundings. The buildings inside the hospital are strong in traditional styling. There are now three types of doctors of TCM, western and TCM-western combined, of which there are more than 30 well-known TCM experts and more than 200 professors and associate professors. It has 700 beds and all kinds of high-tech facilities with a total worth of 200 million yuan. Annually it consults more than 1.2 million people and discharges more than 20000 patients.

Hangzhou Hospital of TCM is a Class 3 Grade A TCM hospital and a model TCM in China. It has a lot of unique characteristics in treating with Chinese medicine all kinds of diseases, rehabilitation and health care and it enjoys a good reputation in TCM circles.

In the past ten years it has attracted more than 1000 overseas students for clinical studies in the departments of Acupuncture, Massage, TCM Internal Medicine, TCM Gynaecology, Dermatology, Traumatology and Paediatrics. More than 300 foreigner patients have been treated in this hospital. It has received more than 10000 foreign visitors so far. The hospital has sent dozens of staff abroad for advanced studies and work, which greatly promote exchanges with foreign countries and expand the influence of TCM in the world.
Address: 453 Tiyuchang Road, Hangzhou
Tel: 0571-85827888
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