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Living in Hangzhou a safe, clean, convenient and beautiful city
A lot of tourists here couldn't help admiring the happiness of Hangzhou people, who can enjoy delightful moods living in a city with mountains and lakes. As a matter of fact, the increasing beauty of Hangzhou under the strategy of "Environment-based Development" has long been upgrading the living satisfaction of the residents. According to the statistics released by the government, the average life expectancy of Hangzhou citizens reached 79.4 in 2007. Hangzhou is fairly a safe, clean, beautiful and convenient city.

We all know that the West Lake has been the sign of Hangzhou for centuries, since 2000, the municipal government launched the reconstruction and renovation of West Lake, improved the whole environment, renewed the sceneries that had been destroyed naturally or by people, and created some new landscapes, etc, but the most important policy is, stopped charging entrance fees of West Lake and many parks. These measurements turned out to be wise in the long term, it has attracted more tourists, and drove the development of service industry in Hangzhou, also benefited natives a lot. So in 2001, Hangzhou municipal government was awarded of Best Human Habitat by the United Nations.
There are six main districts in Hangzhou. Every year, the district administration or community committees hold different kinds of activities to enrich citizen's life and improve the neighborhood relationship, like lantern celebration, curio exhibition, martial arts contest, and opera fans gathering, etc. Here introduce you some real local life, typical community of Hangzhou. Have a close look.